Theme editor 1

Terrain that has been customized with moon tiling textures

The theme editor is a content editor that allows custom theme maps. The theme editor was released in a free patch alongside Cities: Skylines Snowfall on February 18, 2016.

The theme editor enables the ability to customize the visuals and mood of the map. The theme editor displays property panels to tweak the map theme. The terrain properties panel can be overridden to allow custom terrain texture. The water properties panel enables control over water textures and color. The atmosphere properties panel changes the sky properties by adjusting the sky tint and the sizes of the sun and the moon. The structures properties panel focuses on road and building default textures. The world properties panel adjusts the temperature range and weather probability.[1]


  1. "Cities: Skylines - Snowfall - Dev Diary 5: Theme Editor". Paradox Interactive. 16 February 2016.

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