The staff policy ensures that all administrators and other users with user rights are following the rules. Infringement of any policies may result in termination of the user's user rights.


User rights are a responsibility
User rights are not meant to be a way to "show-off" to other users for having more "power". User rights are a responsibility. They are meant to help the wiki's growth and protect the wiki from malicious activities. Moderators are just users with additional buttons - nothing more.
Subjection to removing harmful data
You are responsible for removing harmful data, such as spam, vandalism, false information, and more. Not doing so means you are not performing your job duties as a moderator, therefore not displaying the need of having such rights.
Be civilized at all times
Having civilized discussions shows that you are capable of handling any kind of situation maturely without acting childish or the manner of being immature and unethical. Assume good faith to all users editing this wiki. Rude or intimidating behavior is not acceptable for any staff of Skylines Wikia.
Be active
Inactivity shows that you have abandoned this wiki. As such, you are indicating that you have left and no longer need the user rights. Be actively contributing to this wiki. See section activity.
Abide to all policies set forth
All policies on Skylines Wikia, including the Terms of Use, must be followed at all cost.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in removal of your user rights. If by any means you have intentionally caused harm to the wiki - for example: vandalizing, issuing unwarranted blocks to innocent users, or otherwise showing unethical behavior - you will be terminated from your user rights immediately without a community consensus. You may also receive a temporary or indefinite block from the wiki.


Being active indicates that you are willing to help contribute to the growth of Skylines Wikia. By being inactive, you are showing us that you no longer wish to help, thus you are no longer applicable of holding such user rights.

Activity is determined the following ways:

  • Active: consistently contributes to the wiki every week
  • Partially active: contributes to the wiki but inconsistently (shows up, edits, leaves for a couple weeks or longer, and comes back again)
  • Inactive: does not contribute to the wiki, determined by absence of 30 days or longer

Upon being inactive for more than two months (60 days), you will be marked for demotion. A community vote will be placed, and a 3/4 approval vote will determine the demotion.

If you are to be absent for a number of days, weeks, or months, you must notify your administrators of your upcoming absence. Failure to do so means that you have abandoned your duties.

  • Excused absence may not be extended longer than four months (120 days) under any circumstances.

If you have been demoted for inactivity, you may re-request another user rights thread on the request user rights board. You must, however, be active for at least two weeks before you request - to show us that you are interested in helping the wiki once more. You are expected to follow any new statements and requirements. You are not guaranteed to regain your user rights.

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