Site policies are the rules and guidelines to keeping Skylines Wikia a safe and happy environment. Rules are set forth to make sure all users, administrators and everyone else, are being kind and positively contributing to this wiki. Breaking the rules may result in a temporary or indefinite block on your account.


These are the general guidelines. These guidelines are applied throughout the site, regardless if the description has a specific location.

Be kind to one another
Harassing or the act of attacking another user is not allowed. Respect everyone and anyone, regardless of good or bad. Remain in a positive manner and be mature. If you have problems with another user, please contact an active administrator.
Don't feed the trolls
Trolls are users who intentionally try to damage the wikia and draws for attention. By giving trolls attention, you are only feeding their intentions to continue damaging the wiki. Ignoring trolls may bore them and make them leave. Do not ever leave childish or immoral comments (such as "You are a bad user!"). If you spot a troll, please contact an active administrator immediately.
Avoid malicious intents
Spamming, vandalism, or the act of harming the wikia's productivity (for example, removing valid content or adding inappropriate content) is a penalty and will result in a block, depending on the severity of such action.
Never plagiarize
Copying another person or other entity's works is an extreme violation to our policies. If you copy content from another wiki, you must attribute to all editors of such content. All copied content - whether unattributed, uncited, and vice versa - will be removed in order for Skylines Wikia editors to find and add information on our own.
Unsolicited advertisement
Advertising an unapproved website is not acceptable on Skylines Wikia. Citing a website related to Cities: Skylines is acceptable if and only if it pertains to the subject at hand and is not used purely for advertising.
Skylines Wikia is for everyone
Skylines Wikia is a G-rated website intended to provide an extensive informational database to all Cities: Skylines players and educators. Under no circumstances will you go beyond our G-rated policy. Non-G-rated acts are considered (but not limited to): using obscene language and content, violence, drugs and alcohol and other illegal substances, racism and discrimination, nudity, or any other inappropriate acts that are not acceptable to viewers of all ages.

Other policiesEdit

The site policies will be strictly enforced to ensure that all users are helping the growth of the wiki. These other policies are a little more lenient but are still important guidelines to promote a healthier wiki.

  • Citation policy details the importance of keeping information sourced, verifiable, and valid.
  • Achievement policy outlines the rules of earning achievements the productive way.
  • Fanon policy is the fanfiction policy that explains the importance of creating and editing a fanon article.
  • Manual of Style is the editing guidelines to creating the best articles by staying consistent, organized, and professional.
  • Staff policy is the rules for all staff members of Skylines Wikia. This policy is strictly enforced to ensure all users with user rights are not abusing their rights.

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