Fanon, also referred to as fanfiction, is a term used to define a fan-created story based on an original work. Fanon in Cities: Skylines is quite different from a typical fanfiction from other works. As there is no real way of writing stories of characters based off Cities: Skylines, an alternate method is to create fan-made cities and landmarks.


In order to have an acceptable fanon article on Skylines Wikia, fanon articles must meet some standards.

Register a Wikia account
All fanon articles must be created by a registered user, a user with a Wikia account. Fanon articles written by anonymous users will be subjected for removal. To create a Wikia account, go to Special:CreateAccount.
Incomplete fanon
We recommend your fanon to have some details before publication. Fanon that is under 500 bytes, as indicated by the history page of the article, for more than 30 days will be subjected for removal or moved to the author's user space, at the administrator's discretion; fanon that is under 500 bytes for more than 30 days is considered abandoned.
Low quality fanon
Low quality fanon is when a fanfiction article lacks sufficient detail, contains spelling and grammar issues, incomplete, or otherwise unreadable to viewers. Low quality fanon is subjected to be moved to the creator's user space for further work. Administrators may then move the fanon back to the fanon-space when the fanon has meet standards.
Related to Cities: Skylines
Fanon must be related to Cities: Skylines in the manner of being incorporated in the game. Fanon unrelated to the main focus of this wiki will be subjected for removal.
Appropriate to everyone
Content must be appropriate for all ages. Articles that pertain to drugs, violence (un-Skylines-crime-related), racism, discrimination, or otherwise inappropriate for any age is not acceptable on Skylines Wikia and Skylines Fanon.
Unsolicited advertisement
Unsolicited advertisement is not allowed on Skylines Wikia. If you want to share your creations, please have the website approved beforehand. The Steam workshop or the official Paradox website are acceptable websites and do not require approval.

Most policies that apply to the community and/or articles apply at all times.


Fanon articles, like mainspace articles, require a category. For categorization, you will need to create a [[Category:<your username> (fanon)]] to: identify fanon created by you and for proper organization. An example fanon category is [[Category:Bermuda (fanon)]]. After all, we want readers to find more fanon created by you.

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