The citation policy states that most, if not all, information should be cited at best to ensure that information is verifiable and comes from a valid informational source. If content is considered unreliable or unverifiable, the content will be removed if no valid source is provided.


Skylines Wikia does not heavily rely on citations
While it is important to cite all sources, Skylines Wikia does not heavily rely on all information to come from a valid source. Most information come from the game and can be verified without the use of a citation.
Information that is questionable requires citations
Despite the rule above, if information is questioned by any user or party, then the information requires a citation from a valid source, such as the official website, the official Paradox forums from an official representative or staff, or other official documentation.
Uncited information will be removed
If the information has yet to arrive to a valid source, the uncited information will be remove from the article(s). You are responsible for finding a valid source, where necessary. Any information will be considered false or invalid, and it must be removed to ensure all readers do not falsely accuse of Skylines Wikia of containing false information.


Referencing on Skylines Wikia is not much of a hassle or complication. As long as a URL, the author or publisher, and a date (if possible) are visible, then the reference can be added. The reference should be added at the end of the sentence - after the ending punctuation - or wherever applicable.

To cite a source, simply type in:

<ref name="Cite name">(citation)</ref>

For example:

<ref name="Manual">"[ ''Cities: Skylines'' User Manual]". ''Paradox Interactive''.</ref>

Afterwards, if a reference is added, a reference section should be added to the bottom of the article.

<references />

For an example, view the Cities: Skylines article for details and layout.

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