Administrators and other user rights are members of the wiki with additional tools to assist Skylines Wikia and promote a healthier and stronger wiki.



Main article: Help:Administrators

Administrators are the backbone of the wiki. Administrators have a distinct amount of privileges inaccessible to other users. Administrators can block and unblock users, lock pages from editing to non-admin or non-registered users, delete and restore pages, alter features, edit the interface, and more. Additionally, administrators have access to rollback and chat moderation rights.


Main article: Help:Reverting

Rollback is a tool that allows rollback users to quickly revert an edit to the last contributor who edited the page; rollback cannot be performed if there is only one contributor to the article. Additionally, the latest rollbacked edits do not appear in the wiki activity page, allowing vandalized pages to disappear from view.

Administrators have access to this user right automatically.

Chat moderatorsEdit

Main article: Help:Chat

Chat moderators are users who are capable of moderating the chat room. Chat moderators can kick and ban a user from the chat room. Chat moderators are identified with a star next to their names.

Administrators have access to this user right automatically. They may also promote users to chat moderator and vice versa.


Main article: Help:Bureaucrats

Bureaucrats are special users with access to the user rights page. Bureaucrats are capable of promoting and demoting users to and from another user right.

They are able to promote and demote users to and from the following status(es):

  • Administrator
  • Rollback
  • Chat moderator
  • Bureaucrat
  • Content Moderator
  • Discussion Moderator
    • Bureaucrats are incapable of demoting other bureaucrats. To demote bureaucrats, use Special:Contact to message Wikia staff by providing a valid reason for the demotion.

Other usersEdit

Main article: Help:Volunteers and Helpers

Across Wikia are other users with special privileges that are inaccessible to other users, including administrators.

Wikia staff are members of Wikia who have access to all wikias by providing support and ensuring growth of wikia communities. They can resolve issues that require the need and provide assistance to wikia communities, such as giving tips, promoting users, and other concerns. Wikia staff are identified with the wikia tag alongside their signatures. A list of all Wikia staff are listed here.

The Volunteer Spam Task Force, or for short the VSTF, is a group of volunteer users who are tasked to clean up vandalism and spam across the wikia communities. They are capable of performing administrator duties without the need of the user right. The VSTF can be contacted through the VSTF Wikia. A list of all VSTF members are listed here.


User Activity Rights given on Other user rights Bot
Bermuda (Message Wall) Active 2015-09-10 September 10, 2015 Bureaucrat, Founder* BermudaBot

Requesting user rightsEdit

Have you provided excellent work to the Skylines Wiki? Do you wish to provide further excellency and moderate the site that a normal user is incapable of performing?

You can request user rights on the Board:Request user rights.

The chronology of user rights is as follows: rollbackadministratorbureaucrat.

  • You must first meet the requirements before you move on to the next user rights.
    • For example: if you want to become an administrator, you first have to meet the requirements for rollback, be promoted to rollback, then meet the requirements for administrator.
  • You cannot jump ahead of another user right, unless given a valuable reason to do so.
  • Chat moderator user rights are not required.

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