Achievements are a fun minor activity registered editors of the Skylines Wikia can participate in. By contributing to the Skylines Wikia, editors are awarded an achievement for meeting certain criteria, such as editing 10 pages or adding 50 images to articles.

However, all editors must not abuse the feature. The achievements feature is an optional feature for Skylines Wikia. When abused, administrators have the right to disable the feature temporarily or indefinitely.

In order to follow policies and not abuse the system, all editors must follow the guidelines set forth.


Spamming for badges is unacceptable
Spamming is not allowed on Skylines Wikia. Spamming includes but not limited to: making small, undetailed edits; continuously editing a single article multiple times; adding irrelevant information, categories, templates, images and media, and other methods; or the act of just simply attempting to get a new edit badge without the intention of actually positively contributing to the wiki.
Blog posts are not to be abused
Blogs are an interesting feature, for example, introducing yourself, notifying editors, adding news, and more. However, if your intention is to just create a blog post solely for the badges, you are abusing the blogging system and achievements. Please add some context to your blog post. Additionally, do not comment on blog posts for the sole purpose of getting the commentary badges.
Earn badges the hard way
Intentionally trying to get on the Leaderboard is not permitted. Earn your badges the correct and productive way by positively contributing to the wiki. Make large amounts of legitimate changes in a single edit, add high quality images and replace lower quality, add relevant categories and templates, and more.
Lucky badges are their namesakes
The Lucky Edit badge is supposed to be a surprise. Lucky Edits are awarded every 1,000th edit made on the wikia. Do not feel frustrated when you wanted the badge but another user received it. If you wish to earn it, positively contribute to the wiki constantly.

While abusing the system may temporarily or indefinitely suspend the achievements feature, harming the wiki in any way that goes against these policies and other policies can result in a block from the wikia.

Types of badgesEdit

There are various types of badges to earn from the wikia.

  • Edit track: for editing the mainspace articles
  • Pictures track: for adding images to the mainspace articles
  • Category track: for adding categories to the mainspace articles
  • Blog Post track: for writing and publishing a blog post
  • Blog Comment track: for commenting on unique blog posts
  • Wiki Love track: for continuously editing the wiki every day without missing one day
    • Contains the coveted platinum badge (worth 250 points) for editing non-stop for 365 days
  • Special achievements:
    • Join the wiki
    • Editing your userpage
    • Leaving a message on someone else's wall
  • Secret achievements: it is a secret!

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