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Welcome to Skylines Wikia, the database about the city-building simulation Cities: Skylines, developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive.

Skylines Wikia was founded by Bermuda on September 10, 2015, and has accumulated 107 pages. Skylines Wikia aims to develop the largest, unofficial Wikia-based encyclopedia for all things Cities: Skylines. Skylines Wikia is an open-edit wiki, allowing anyone with or without a registered account to add information and connect with each other and create a long-lasting community.

While not required, we do recommend anonymous users to create a Wikia account in order to access full benefits of the wiki, which include:

  • Earning achievements
  • Be easily recognized by community members and promotion to certain user rights
  • Edit registered-user-only articles
  • Create articles and blog posts
  • Upload files
  • And more

Anonymous users are identified with their I.P. addresses and will be publicly displayed throughout the site. If you wish to hide your I.P. address, you should create a Wikia account.

Skylines Wikia is also home to Skylines Fanon. Skylines Fanon is the fanfiction part of Skylines Wikia. Despite not containing any actual characters or storyline, users can create and share their city creations by visualizing the city life, the citizens, tourism, famous landmarks - all within the users imaginations.

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