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Hi Everyone!

We got the proofread localization files and managed to fix some other bugs last week. QA also had the time to go through the patch and verified the fixes. This means the patch is going live today! See the full notes below.

The team continues their normal work this week, except for Karoliina who is attending Quo Vadis conference in Berlin as a speaker and on Thursday I will be attending the Finnish Game Awards where Cities: Skylines is nominated in two categories. It's rather exciting!

Just to be sure I ordered cakes for next week so we can either celebrate the win or drown our sorrow in delicious and unhealthy sweets. I think that's only fair, right?[1]

Cheers, Mariina


  • Fixed: Assets editor ignores vertex colours when a mesh is imported
  • Fixed: Buses can enter and exit bus stations located at highways with sound barriers
  • Fixed: Rocks, Trees, and Shrubs can clip through elevated roads and paths when terrain is elevated with Shift Tool
  • Fixed: Building a Cargo Hub also add weekly Train expenses
  • Fixed: Expansion 1: Text: The default names of the Souvenir Shops have the word "Souvenirs" misspelled.
  • Fixed: Text overlap in New Game panel when using Polish language
  • Fixed: Text goes out of bounds in Load Game panel in several languages
  • Fixed: Road maintenance pickup has misplaced headlights
  • Fixed: Placing a Six-Lane Road to the edge of a Train Track cause it to clip through it
  • Fixed: Map Editor: Environment props could be sorted in different tabs.
  • Fixed: Asset Editor: UI: Map Editor Environment assets could be sorted in a different tab of the Building Asset Importer.
  • Fixed: custom water normalmap issue
  • Added newly proof read and fixed strings
  • Fixed: localization issues
  • Fixed: Hovering / floating cars going across map
  • Fixed: Changing elevated pedestrian path to ground level near elevated road causes visible path level issue
  • Improvement: Added confirmation window when unsubscribing Steam Workshop items from Content Manager


  1. "CO word of the week #7 - 16/2016 + Patch notes 1.4.1-f2". Paradox Interactive. 19 April 2016.
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