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Hi all!

We have another bunch of fixes landing shortly, please see below for the run-down![1]

Patch 1.3.2-f1Edit

  • Fixed: Shadows not displaying when dynamic weather is enabled on Mac and Linux.
  • Fixed: The light reflection on roads and cliffs, caused by rain during daytime, are too shiny.
  • Fixed: Pedestrians get stuck between park or unique building and gravel road.
  • Fixed: Pedestrians get stuck between pavement path and road with bike lanes.
  • Fixed: Raised train tracks in asset editor not editable after reloading it in editor.
  • Fixed: 'Distance too short!' warning when building short road curves.
  • Fixed: Cyclists get annihilated when changing from bicycle path to bicycle lane.
  • Fixed: Selecting trailers for trams doesn't work in Asset Editor.
  • Fixed: Highway slope props overlap with tunnel walls.
  • Fixed: Long bikepaths are partially missing lampposts.
  • Fixed: Levelcrossing with highway has gravel instead of pavement.
  • Fixed: Trees now look much healthier again!
  • Improved: Texture compression time for certain textures in editors


  1. "Patch 1.3.2-f1 - 14:30 CET/13:30 UTC". Paradox Interactive. 2 March 2016.
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