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Greetings dearest Chirpies

Happy autumn friends! We Nords are slowly calming down after the brief summer and setting into the cozy pace required to survive the dark months. Ah, hot coco, blankets and a great game or three -- bliss.

This is a two staged post. First and foremost, we're releasing a patch today and increasing several in-game limits! Wohoo![1]

You have asked for this since we launched the game. Originally it was not a possible option as it would require an increase in system requirements. Since then we have worked diligently with optimizing Cities: Skylines and have now been able to use that extra juice-room to push the limits further!

Why not open it up entirely to modders? The tl;dr reason is that it would require a large amount of time. Limits are tied to several somewhat complex dependencies and fiddling with this could easily end up in us breaking something rather than improving it. Our focus lies elsewhere as it stands, we hope this is a good compromise :)

Why no changes in agent limits? It hogs way too many resources and is not doable under our current sys-reqs.

Is this final? Nothing is ever final -- but we are going to leave this alone for the foreseeable future and focus our efforts elsewhere going forward.

Patch notes for 1.2.2-f2Edit

  • Zone limit increased 50%
  • Building limit increased 50%
  • Road segment limit increased 12,5%
  • Fixed some issues when loading saves with missing assets.
  • Commercial specializations exposed in the Asset Editor for DLC owners
  • Fixed an issue where pre-DLC vehicles would fail to load in the Asset Editor
  • AfterDark badge added on top of assets thumbnails in the Template selector of the asset editor which uses AfterDark only features
  • Content Manager also disable the asset using DLC feature which wont work in the base game and offer a link to the DLC store page
  • Fixed Tropical and European cliff textures showing disgusting lines
  • After Dark expansion: Text: UI: The mouse over text of the Specializations income is incorrect.
  • After Dark expansion: LOC: RUS: Asset Editor: The "Day/Night Control" text is cut off.
  • After Dark expansion: Text: Menu: Incorrect mouse over tooltip text for Prisoners and Cyclists in the City Statistics menu.
  • Fixed tree lod shadow clipping with tall trees
  • Fixed bikes coming out of the plane at airports
  • Updated the storage method for Paradox account credentials
  • Fixed the day/night control slider label position in Map and Asset editor

Now to part 2 - feedback!

When we released After Dark the reception was overwhelmingly positive, now that some time has passed we can see this has stayed true with a metacritic score of 80/8.1 and 89% positive on steam.

Alas, there are always things to improve! We have heard your feedback and would like to address some of the most common suggestions and requests. Please do note that software development is slow and steady when done right, so whilst we aspire to improve many of the things listed below it will take time.

Schools are active during the night.
- Not as designed, is currently on our internal wishlist to fix.

Solar power does not work during night.
- Having solar power as the obvious end-game choice was not very interesting design as it did not promote using different strategies depending on the situation. This is working as intended but we do agree the balance can be improved so that it's a competitive option.

Tourism numbers low or sometimes completely vacant.
- Might be a balance issue or possibly bug - we are investigating both options. If you have a saved game where you're either seeing an extremely low amount of tourists or the tourist numbers are decreasing as your city size grows - please send it to us so that we have more material to work with.

Hard to build during night time.
- Common feedback, we are investigating potential improvements.

Using day/night budget sliders sometimes result in low land value.
- Not working fully as intended, investigating.

Shoreline assets are difficult to place/connect.
- These are working as intended. Still, we have heard your feedback and will consider usability improvements here when/if the team finds time.

Some maps and/or biomes are very bright and oversaturated.
- Some improvements have already been made, this could be a bug, related to the users GPU or an unintended result of lighting changes. Investigating further.

Leisure/commercial does not behave very differently depending on time of day.
- Improved balance being investigated. If you have this issue, please send us a report of your problem as well as your city size (population).

Tunnels missing in map editor.
- This has been a popular question for a long time and I have to admit our messaging hasn't been entirely clear whether or not it's possible (maybe) or working as intended (yes, due to technical limitations). Adding support would require substantial time from CO and we can not prioritize this as it stands. It's wishlisted.

Service vehicle behavior isn't the best.
- Investigating if this can be improved or smarted up somewhat.

"Normal/vanilla" style missing as district style on euro maps.
- Bug.

Prioritizing service vehicle spawn when agent limit is reached.
- Investigating if possible.

Taxi profits are very low.
- Balance being investigated, this system is intended for larger cities.

Texture alpha quality changed.
- Could be unintentional change or tied to the aforementioned lighting issue, being investigated.

That's all for now! Happy gaming everyone, and thank you for your amazing support and continued constructive discussion. We are truly grateful for having you as our community and look forward to bringing you more fresh content.

The Cities Team


  1. "Building limits increased | Patch 1.2.2-f2 is live!". Paradox Interactive. 5 November 2015.
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