Iconology in the Cities: Skylines world is a term used to refer to the icons appearing above a building or road connection that may be experiencing a problem or multiple problems. These icons indicate what type of problem is issued and will need to be sorted out as soon as possible. Prolong problems will be displayed in a red icon and become in abandoned if the issue is not solved. Buildings without an icon are generally happy with the current needs.


There are several icons defining problems per buildings.


Icon Description
Not enough power The power icon indicates shortage of electricity. During this phase, if not enough power is provided to the city or areas are not covered by power lines and power distribution among buildings, the affected buildings suffering from electricity shortage will abandon the building.
Not enough water The water icon indicates shortage of water. During this phase, if not enough water is supplied to the city or areas are not covered by water pipes, the affected buildings suffering from shortage of water will abandon the building.
Garbage has piled up Garbage trucks need to collect garbage that has accumulated in a building. Buildings need to be covered by garbage disposal services. Otherwise, the building will become abandoned.
A dead person is waiting for transport These issues will appear when a citizen dies from natural causes. Hearses must transport deceased people to cemeteries or crematoriums. Prolong issue will be unpleasant for the citizens in the building, resulting in the building being abandoned.
Not enough goods to sell Businesses not receiving enough goods will suffer from lack of sellable products, resulting in loss profit. Resolving this issue is to generally zone more industrial buildings, or otherwise plan better roads for commercial trucks to transport goods to businesses.
Not enough customers Businesses will suffer from lack of customers, resulting in loss profit. Resolving this issue is to generally zone more residential buildings or increase the population.
Not enough fuel Industrial buildings using fuel are not fully supplied, resulting in reduced processing rates such as lower electrical output than usual. Trucks will need an ideal path to deliver fuel to industrial buildings.
Abandoned Abandoned buildings are buildings that no longer function and must be removed manually.

Transport linesEdit

Icon Description
No road connection One-way roads and highways require the connection from a starting point to an end point. Improper connection will display this icon, and vehicles will not travel on incomplete roads without proper connection. Resolving this issue can be accomplished by connecting the road to another road.

Two-way roads do not need to be connected to another road as it provides the chance for vehicles to make u-turns.

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