Heating is a mechanic introduced in Cities: Skylines Snowfall. During colder weather, citizens will require the need for heat through the use of electricity or heating plants. Boiler stations and geothermal heating plants can provide heat to buildings in need. Heat is transported through the use of the upgraded version of the water pipes.[1]


Building Cost Upkeep Heating output Pollution Noise pollution Unlock
Water pipe with heating pipes

Water pipe with heating pipes

₡100/cell ₡0.20/week/cell Distributes water, sewage, and heat throughout the city 0 0 Boom Town
Boiler station

Boiler station

₡60,000 ₡640/week 120 MW 35 75 Boom Town
Geothermal heating plant

Geothermal heating plant

₡55,000 ₡480/week 80 MW 0 75 Boom Town


  1. Cities: Skylines. Paradox Interactive. In-game information.

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