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Welcome to Skylines Fanon, the place to share your cities with the Skylines Wikia community.

About fanon

Fanon in the Cities: Skylines universe is unlike other fanfiction. In Cities: Skylines, we build, develop, maintain our own cities, which is entirely fictional through the use of our creative minds. We choose what we build, never having the same ideas as one another. We tell our cities the way we want to tell their stories.

Skylines Wikia allows fanon articles to be created and shared with the rest of the community. Now how does fanon on a wiki work? Here are a few ways to create fanon on Skylines Wikia:

  • Share your city that you created and describe the way of life in your ever-growing city, what your city does, the history, the tourism, the citizens.
  • It does not have to be a city. Your fanon could be a popular tourist attraction, like a small village, a popular hangout spot, the beach, anything.
  • Tell your city as if the city was an actual real-life destination. You are the mayor of your city.
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Fanon news
19 September 2015 - Establishment
Welcome to Skylines Fanon! Skylines Fanon is the place to share your creation with the community. Show us what you built! Whether you built a city or created a mod, share it with the Skylines Wikia community.
Fanon on Cities: Skylines is unlike any other fanon. On Cities: Skylines, we create and build thriving cities. Our cities have different stories from start to the never-coming end. As a fanon, we can choose to share the stories of our cities: the life of your citizens, the tourism, the crime, the history, and more. You can even build a city based on real-life locations, such as Paris, New York City, Los Angeles, and more, and tell their story like it is in real life. It is all up to you.
Show us your creations on Skylines Fanon!

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