Education allows citizens to take higher level jobs such as jobs from high density commercial buildings and offices. Three types of education help educate citizens and the age population: elementary schools teach young children basic education; high schools teach teenagers the basis of industry and businesses; colleges teach young adults and adults higher education pertaining to higher level jobs such as offices and high density businesses. Education also lowers the production of garbage from buildings. In contrast, lower education increases crime rate.[1]


Building Cost Upkeep Student capacity Pollution Noise pollution Unlock
Elementary school
European elementary school

Elementary school

₡10,000/cell ₡160/week 300 0 0 Little Hamlet
High school
European high school

High school

₡24,000/cell ₡560/week 1,000 0 0 Tiny Town
European university


₡75,000/cell ₡1,920/week 4,500 0 0 Big Town


  1. "Cities: Skylines User Manual". Paradox Interactive.

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