Economy interface

The economy interface

The economy is the balance of financial intake and consumption of a city. A city's economy describes the current situation and performance; cities with higher income tend to generate more money in contrast to cities with higher expenses losing money. In Cities: Skylines, the currency is called cell, and the currency symbol is the ₡.[1]

Income and expensesEdit

Income and expenses are calculated through each zone, specialized zones, and services tax revenue and maintenance. Income is generated through zones and its respective weekly income. Expenses are generated through maintenance costs in order to keep services active.

Expenses are generated from:



A bankrupt city

Bankruptcy is the result of high expenses being generated too quickly. Bankruptcy can be alleviated by regaining income though increase tax rates and cutting down services. Loans can also be taken out to ease the loss. If all these options are not enough to sustain the city's economy, the city may take a bailout of ₡50,000.00. A bailout is the act of giving financial assistance to a city in the brink of economical collapse. Achievements are disabled after a bailout.


Taxes are the main source of income. High taxation causes citizens to become unhappy and are more likely to move out. All zones are defaulted to a nine percent tax rate and can be adjusted between one percent and twenty-nine percent.


Services with a bigger budget tend to work more efficiently, although causing the service to be more expensive to maintain(For example, trains with 50% budget will only have 1 train functioning, but will cost less to maintain). Each service can be adjusted accordingly, each having a separate day and night slider(if the mayor have purchased Cities Skylines After Dark DLC). All services are set to a 100% budget on default.


Loans are money that is borrowed from a financial institute in which the money is expected to be paid back through interest. Banks have different amounts, payment plans, and interest rates. Loans can be repaid instantly without additional costs.

Bank Amount Payment plan Interest rate Weekly cost Total
Silver Sunset Bank ₡20,000.00 52 weeks 5% ₡403.85 ₡21,000.00
Global Credit Inc. ₡60,000.00 260 weeks 10% ₡253.85 ₡66,000.00
Pyramid Capital ₡200,000.00 520 weeks 15% ₡442.31 ₡230,000.00


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