Cities: Skylines Snowfall is the second expansion pack for Cities: Skylines released for Windows, OS X, and Linux on February 18, 2016.[1][2]


  • Weather system: The central focus of Snowfall is the in-game weather system. Snowfall introduces rain and fog mechanics, available in an upcoming free update. Additionally, included in the expansion pack, snowfall will be introduced not only as aesthetic but also impacts gameplay. Existing maps will add rain and fog mechanics, with the addition of a new winter-themed map.[3] Winter maps will have eternal snow, and the map editor is capable of creating winter maps. During the winter, citizens, buildings, and fauna will adjust according to the climate.[4]
  • Tram 2


    New transportation methods: The tram is a new type of transportation method. The transportation feature will be expanded, including easier management of existing lines.[3]
  • Demand for warmth: During cold weather, demand for electricity will increase, unless water-based heating systems are in place.[3]
  • Snowplow services: Snowplow services are capable of plowing through snow on roads with new road maintenance services to keep traffic flowing.[3]

Free contentEdit

Following the release of Snowfall, a free content update was released.[5]

  • Rain and fog cosmetic mechanics for existing maps
  • Theme editor for map modding
  • Expanded user interface of public transportation management
  • New chirps and hats for Chirper


  • Cities: Skylines Snowfall was inspired by the everlasting Finnish winter.[4]





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