Cities: Skylines After Dark is an expansion pack to Cities: Skylines. After Dark was released for Windows, OS X, and Linux on September 24, 2015.[1]


  • Day-and-night cycle: The central focus of After Dark is the day-and-night cycle, which affect the behavior of the citizens. Traffic becomes slower, and some zoned areas work below full efficiency. This feature will be added in a free update.[2][3]
  • Leisure specialization: Commercial areas may specialize in leisure activities, which are considerably more active at night but work like a regular commercial area during the day.[2]
  • Beach specialization: Commercial areas located near the shoreline may specialize in beach activities, such as beach bars and restaurants.[2]
  • Expanded city services: City services have newly added features, such as taxi services, cargo hubs, international airports, and bus terminals. Additionally, criminals will now be taken from the police stations to the prisons. [2]
  • New transportation options: Bikes and bike lanes and ways allow citizens to choose an alternative to walking. Bus lanes are provided near bus stops, allowing traffic to run smoother.[2]

Free contentEdit

Following the release of After Dark, a free content update was also released.[3]

  • Day-and-night cycle
  • Shoreline increases land value
  • Reworked crime system and higher crime rate during the night
  • Updated economy functionality
  • 70 freezoned buildings for more variations
  • Styles for modding to allow modders to define their own building sets as "European buildings" or "medieval"





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